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26 Nov 2011

Lookout at time stops separating Tablet PC

It was one of the vagaries of Lookout, number of cell phone to install security mobile app for Android is required. Those days are gone, also launched today and Android version of the application because it will work on phones and tablets with Android 1.5 or later. Application security will also work on Apple computers with IOS 4.0 and above. Search now works on Android tablets, as well as Android phones and Apple products with the IOS 4.0 or later.

It was very difficult, if not impossible, to run earlier versions of Lookout because had the application to activate, and other protocol recognition device via text message. Changes to the new version of this condition. There is still necessary that the application for registration, but now has other ways to identify the device.
Issue and Kuyt is published about updating to the current application and therefore won't have to hunt the issue a separate disk for the application of existing phone.

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