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18 Dec 2011

Flash USB Modular Amoeba

The Idea of memory allows to divide your USB to the other parts, allowing you to keep different data in each part. You can sort the files on the device easily with partitions based on category. When you need to share a pointed data with a friend, just cut the right cabin and delivered. Partitions are assigned to the personal information and may use documents, pictures, music, and with each of them on their own. New concept design by Hyunsoo Song SADI that overcomes the problem in a simple manner.

13 Dec 2011

Microwave concept designs bowels

Designers Hwang Jungjoon and Lee Jaeryong are already on this issue with a concept that melds a microwave and a projector. Is called the "Proinjector", which sounds more like an accessory prep Turkey fantasy than a kitchen appliance.
The idea is that the projector picks up what is happening inside and projects against the kitchen wall. You don't have to squint through the front window of your microwave thick to see if the chicken cacciatore is about to explode. It is also ideal for people who are concerned about radiation exposure of hovering around the microwave. This could be a hot seller in Green Bank, West Virginia
The Proinjector recently earned a prize of international competition of the Red Dot design as a design concept superior. The cylindrical shape is a little more appealing than its microwave standard blocky, but he doesn't give you a place to stack all your unused kitchen gadgets.
I would like to see a version of Proinjector oven. So I could check my pizza without receiving a furnace blast to the face.