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26 Nov 2011

All At Once

Actual analyses for the "change", richly hub ports is absolutely thrilled so I'll collaborate with my product abridge. The hub is originally a place where you can link up all your gadgets and media computer peripherals and that a single wire goes to the CPU. At this point I'm looking down to where is my CPU, and the mess of wires going to it actually looks icky! Then something like this hub "change" will make a difference? Maybe, or maybe I just need some wires integer to straighten things out. Better yet opt for wireless devices!

Lookout at time stops separating Tablet PC

It was one of the vagaries of Lookout, number of cell phone to install security mobile app for Android is required. Those days are gone, also launched today and Android version of the application because it will work on phones and tablets with Android 1.5 or later. Application security will also work on Apple computers with IOS 4.0 and above. Search now works on Android tablets, as well as Android phones and Apple products with the IOS 4.0 or later.

iPhone 5 Innovative Concept

Prediction about the next iPhone has been around for five of the Internet in recent years, this came from Zeki Ozek. The designer offers a new iconic phone will have a smaller size of 23%, less is more. Instead of the home button again, this time you will see a fingerprint scanner tounlock phone. In fact, you can choose to assign specific finger as password to open your mail, twitter or facebook.
This concept introduces the iPhone 5 with touch wheel on the back of the phone. So, when you read the twitter status from a friend, you can simply scroll up and down with your finger on the back of the iPhone. So, what do you think? You like or hate the idea of smaller iPhone?

23 Nov 2011

Hi Tech Life Style

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